Navigating Brain Fog

Navigating Brain Fog Class

  • For adult cancer survivors, caregivers or anyone who has “brain fog” after recovering from COVID-19.
  • 6 weeks, 90 minutes each
  • Every participant receives a free workbook for them to keep

It’s not your imagination. Your diagnosis and treatment can leave you feeling like you are in a mental “fog.” Specialists call it “Chemo Brain” or “Brain Fog.”

For some, it’s a nuisance, but for others it can be incapacitating. Have you noticed changes in your ability to recall, multi-task, organize, or find the right word in a conversation? These speed bumps in cognitive processing may be related to your cancer journey. The good news? This six-week class can help.

Nearly three of every four cancer patients experience brain fog and it is also one of the most common complaints after COVID-19. Patients describe a frustrating loss of clarity that can be life-altering. The techniques and strategies taught in the Brain Fog program help reshape the brain to function at it’s highest capacity.

This 6-week session is taught in an informative, fun and interactive way that can improve thinking, feeling and functioning. Each class is 90-minutes long.

Thanks to generous support from our sponsors and donors, our Brain Fog Class is FREE to attend. We ask only for your time and commitment. Give this gift to yourself, and contact us today. Questions? Call 402-401-6083.

In-Person Classes

Stay tuned for more in-person class locations.
This program is FREE of charge.

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Virtual Classes

Virtual meetings via Zoom.
This program is FREE of charge.

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