Navigating Brain Fog

Navigating Brain Fog Class

  • For adult cancer survivors, caregivers or anyone who has “brain fog” after recovering from COVID-19.
  • 1x per week for 6 weeks, 90 minutes each session.
  • Every participant receives a free workbook and “brain game” for them to keep.
  • Brain fog often lasts for months, and sometimes even years.

Nearly three of every four cancer patients and up to 70% of COVID-19 patients experience brain fog. If you or someone you love has experienced “brain fog”, there’s a free class that can help minimize its effects.

“Navigating Brain Fog” is the only licensed, research-based brain fog program of its kind in Nebraska helping both cancer and COVID survivors. This class, developed by A Time To Heal Cancer Foundation (ATTH) in Omaha, teaches memory techniques, organization and task management to survivors who have been experiencing difficulties with concentration or memory.

Brain fog affects “Executive Function” (time management, organization, self-control and problem solving), “Working Memory” (remembering phone numbers, names, or what you had for breakfast), and “Processing Speed” (transitioning between tasks, reacting to hazards or signs while driving). These symptoms not only significantly affect a survivor’s ability to work or return to work, but also their own safety and the safety of others.

Thanks to generous support from our sponsors and donors, our Brain Fog Class is FREE to attend. We ask only for your time and commitment. Give this gift to yourself, and contact us today. Questions? Call 402-401-6083.

In-Person Classes

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This program is FREE of charge.

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Virtual Classes

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This program is FREE of charge.

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