We provide support, education, and empowerment so that cancer survivors and their caregivers may create their best lives.

It All Began

When our founders first envisioned A Time to Heal Foundation, it was very personal for both of them.

Dr. Stephanie Koraleski is an oncology psychologist who helped her mother fight cancer. Dr. Kay Ryan is a breast cancer survivor. As a nurse and trainer, Kay sought rehabilitation after her treatment, only to find nothing existed. In 2005, the two leaders joined forces to create programming that would grow into the A Time to Heal Foundation that we know today.

Our Flagship Program: Survivorship 101

This program gives survivors the tools they need to help them to be well again. This whole-person rehabilitation program is designed to help people regain their physical, emotional, and spiritual health post-treatment.

Research proves that our classes and support groups make a positive difference in the well being of cancer survivors. People who have information, who make healthy choices, and who feel in control can live their best lives after treatment.

The Wall Street Journal affirmed the mission and vision of our founders in a series of 2019 articles by Laura Landro. A reporter and cancer survivor, Landro celebrated the growing population of cancer survivors. In 2019, over 17 million Americans were living post-cancer lives — and that number continues to grow every year. But Landro also explored the needs of this population. One article, “You’ve survived cancer. What comes next?” cites research showing significantly improved long-term outcomes for those survivors given guidance and support. They are able to manage their symptoms, including fear of reoccurrence, with greater focus and success.