Thank You Gifts for Special Donations

2023 Conference Video Session Descriptions

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(Brain Fog Training and Newly Diagnosed are not included)
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For a limited time, you can make a donation to A Time to Heal and choose a special thank-you gift for yourself or someone else. You’ll be helping cancer survivors and caregivers with your gift and create awareness about our organization. Your donation helps keep our programs FREE for any adult cancer survivor that needs them. Donation includes shipping!
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Contributions to A Time to Heal are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The relevant law states “to the extent that tangible personal benefits are not received in return.” This means if you receive a thank you gift for your contribution, you cannot claim the fair market value of the thank you gift for tax purposes. Your allowable deduction would be the amount of your contribution minus the fair market value of your thank you gift. This will be noted on your acknowledgement letter that will be mailed to you.