I’m an employer

Cancer diagnosis and treatment can be time-consuming and scary, whether your employee is the patient or the caregiver. Unless you’ve experienced the challenge yourself, it’s hard to understand what your employee is going through and what your role should be.

Primarily, your employee needs to know that you have their back. Treatments and doctors’ appointments can disrupt even the most careful planning. Most chemotherapy and radiation takes place during office hours and patients have minimal control over the timing of those appointments. Please be willing to work with your employee and reassure them. The last thing they need to worry about is losing their job while they are working on getting better. The Society for Human Resources Management is a terrific resource for employers learning how to navigate these waters with empathy.

Happily, medical breakthroughs mean more people than ever are surviving all kinds of cancers, which is why A Time to Heal exists. Our Survivorship 101 programs provide free evidence-based training that guides survivors and caregivers back into the mainstream of life, post-therapy. Research shows that these programs work to restore balance, focus, and happiness to those who need it. We encourage you to share this information with your employees. We can provide speakers, workplace programming, content, and more.

Because of donors and potential sponsors like you, we are able to provide all of these programs at no cost to participants. We invite you to join us as we help cancer survivors create their best lives.

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Thank you for caring and let us know how we can help.