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Survivorship 101 Class

In the 9-week Survivorship 101 Class for All Cancers group, men and women who have experienced any type of cancer learn ways to become as healthy as possible and practice a variety relaxation and coping techniques. Family/Friend Caregivers are welcome to register for the Survivorship 101 Class for Caregivers.

This class is designed to address the many issues survivors of any type of cancer often face. It offers guidance, education and support for anyone diagnosed with any type of cancer, at any stage. Cancer can threaten our understanding of ourselves and who we are. It threatens our mental stability with frightening thoughts, anxiety and depression. It chips away at our independence.

Your strength has shown brightly as you have survived all of this. Now it’s time to begin the next phase of recovery. During the class sessions, you will discuss and learn about many topics common to many cancer survivors, male or female, young or old. You will sit among others who have been on the same journey and understand what you are going through.

The class is designed for survivors of any type of cancer. It is open to men or women diagnosed with any type of cancer. Each participant is welcome and encouraged to bring a caregiving family member or friend to participate, but you’re very welcome to come by yourself.

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Brain Fog Class

Some call it “brain fog,” or “chemo brain.” Some call it a nuisance, others call it incapacitating. We invite you to call us, because we can help. Have you noticed changes in memory, multi-tasking, organization, word finding, efficiency, misplacing items, forgetting appointments and overall well-being? These inefficiencies in cognitive processing may be related to your cancer journey. The good news is you don’t have to “just live with it”…we have something that may help.

This cancer-related brain fog following cancer diagnosis and/or treatment can occur in as many as 75% of patients. Those affected describe a loss of clarity that is both frustrating and life altering. Based on theories of neuroplasticity, the techniques and strategies taught in this program are designed to help shape the brain to function at a maximum capacity. These strategies teach people how to use old and new techniques to maximize current cognitive performance through education and self-awareness.

This 8-week class helps cancer survivors cope and recover from cognitive concerns following or during treatment, such as memory issues and task management. The program is taught in an informative, fun and interactive way that can help you improve the way you think, feel and function. Participants meet in a group setting for 1 ½ hours a week for 8 weeks.

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